Together we can put an end to homelessness

and provide adequate food and shelter until we do!


The June 6 General Meeting of Paso Cares was called to order at 0835 by President Ed
Gallagher. Present were members -Pearl Munak, Jack Phillips, Don and Claudia Volle, Gordon
Bastien, Paul Fairchild, Cathy Serena, Rick Williams, Vicki Nieder, and Jerry Stover. Also
present was Maribel Martinez from DHS.

Opening Prayer by Ed Gallagher.

Minutes of the May 2, 2018 were accepted by voice vote. Cathy motioned/ Paul 2nd.
Financial report was discussed by treasurer Jack Phillips. We are currently spending more than
we receive in donations. Motion was made to accept the financial report by cathy with Don
2nd. Voice vote to accept.

Strategic Plan- We discussed the strategic plan update to our Mission Statement, which
deleted the reference to collaboration with other organizations in the North County and the
statement: adjoining jurisdictions and the North County.
The new Mission Statement reads: The Mission of Paso Cares is to undertake activities that will
provide for the immediate and longer term needs of homeless and needy persons and families.
The area of focus will primarily be in the community of Paso Robles.

The Value Statement and Vision Statement committees are still working on their revisions.
People’s Kitchen- New rules have been posted and there has been a positive response by
clients and volunteers. The Girl Scouts have volunteered to spread ground cover around the
tables under the tent. We felt that pea gravel would be the best option.
The tree next to the tent needed trimming.

We are short a table. Don Volle will approach Taylor Rental to see if they are willing to donate

Sea Train was getting very hot due to the lack of venting. Paso Heating and Air volunteered to
install 2 whirly bird roof vents..

The Mid State Fair will take over the People’s Kitchen site during the month of July, so no
meals will be served from July 1-31. We will resume operations on August 1.

Newsletter- Ed designed and printed a newsletter that we would like to distribute to the
community. We will solicit printing and mailing costs.
Paul Fairchild is in the process of updating our website.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday July 10 at St Rose Adult Learning Center.
Meeting Adjourned 0940
Jerry Stove, Secretary

General Membership Meeting
April 4, 2018

General Meeting                                                                                           

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Paso Cares will conduct its Monthly General Meeting, which is open to the public; all members of Paso Cares are encouraged to attend. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 8:30 am in the Adult Learning Center at St. Rose Church, 820 Creston Road, Paso Robles.


The mission of Paso Cares is to undertake activities, in collaboration with other existing organizations of San Luis Obispo County, that will provide for the immediate and longer term needs of homeless and needy persons and families. The area of focus will primarily be in the City of Paso Robles, adjoining jurisdictions, and the North County.

Warming Station

The Warming Station will be open on the following nights, as cold temperatures are forecast: 

​Each night from Friday, April 6, 2018 through Saturday, April 7, 2018. 

Persons desiring to stay at the Warming Station MUST appear at Peoples' Kitchen, 2345 Riverside Avenue (southwest corner of 24th Street and Riverside Avenue), Paso Robles NO LATER THAN 5:30 pm on the evening that they wish to stay at the Warming Station (held at a different location every night). EXCEPTION: On Sunday nights, Persons desiring to stay at the Warming Station MUST appear at Peoples' Kitchen NO LATER THAN4:30 PM. Paso Cares has arranged for Ride-On transportation to and from Peoples' Kitchen.
Any questions on this schedule or Paso Cares' operations may be directed to (805) 712-4710.