Together we can put an end to homelessness

and provide adequate food and shelter until we do!

Source of Data.  

Every 2 years, the County of San Luis obispo conducts a “Point-in-Time” (PIT) Survey of homeless persons on a night in January. Such a survey is a requirement for receiving federal funds for homeless services. The latest PIT was conducted in January 2017, and it reported 97 homeless persons in Paso Robles. The 2015 PIT Survey reported 280 homeless in Paso Robles. Inasmuch as the 2017 PIT Survey was taken on a rainy night, it is regarded as returning a substantial undercount of the homeless population.

County-wide data from the 2015 and 2017 PIT Surveys:

Primary causes of homelessness

      o   Lost job (23%),

      o   alcohol or drug use (17%),

      o   divorce/separation (12%),

      o   argument with family or friend (11%), and

      o   eviction (10%). (2015 PIT)
      o   Abuse or Trauma (42%); Broken or unhealthy/abusive relationship (45%) (2017 PIT).

Obstacles to Obtaining Permanent Housing 

      o   Can’t afford rent (67%),

      o   No job or income (52%),

      o   no money for movingcosts (29%), 

      o   bad credit (21%), and 

      o   no transportation (20%). Some have several issues. (2015 PIT – not reported in 2017 PIT)

Veterans In 2015, 33% of homeless were veterans; in 2017, 7% of homeless were veterans.

Drug, alcohol, physical, and/or mental health issues: 41% had drug or alcohol abuse issues, 39% had emotional of psychological issues, 22% had physical disabilities, 24% had PTSD, 23% had chronic health problems, 10% had traumatic brain injury and 2% had AIDS/HIV. (2015 PIT – not reported in 2017 PIT)